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~~Last updated October 2008~~

Deanne's Personal Biography

I was unfortunate enough to be born in Los Angeles, California, (Hollywood, to be exact!), but luckily, moved to Lake Tahoe at age ten. I started skiing at age two at Krakta Ridge in the mountains above L.A. I continued skiing at Heavenly Valley in Tahoe, snowplowing madly down the face, over moguls as tall as I was. These days it's a mid-week pass at Kirkwood where I Alpine and Telemark ski, as well as backcountry ski all the wild Sierra Nevada peaks.

I got my first horse as a teen (click here for details) and have been addicted ever since. School and family commitments interrupted my horse career for 20 years. Meanwhile, I hiked, skied, and rode my mountain bike all over the Sierra.

When I could stand it no longer, I bought my first "real" horse in 1991. He is a Polish Arabian gelding, 10 years old at the time. They had trained him for Western Pleasure and an occasional trail ride, but I had plans for endurance riding. Gabe and I have been through almost every conceivable mishap together and we've both survived! (well, pretty much... read my Trailer Tips for a wild look at some of our mishaps.)

I worked at Lake Tahoe Community College from 1989 - 2003 teaching word processing in the Business Office Administration Department using Microsoft Word and WordPefect, and in the Computer Science Department using Netscape to teach the Internet classes and using Notepad to teach Web Publishing classes. They even made me teach FrontPage!

In 2000, I started my own web design and development business: Tahoe Design Concepts and an Internet Hosting business: Tahoe Web Host. Want your own horse-related website? Come visit me here:

Tahoe Design Concepts Link

Tahoe Web Hosting - Affordable Hosting and Design

I married the most wonderful man in the world on June 26, 1988. Doug Holcomb is a fireman with the City of South Lake Tahoe. In July 2002, got promoted to Engineer. In 2004 he was promoted to Fire Captain. In April 2009 he retired! He studied Jujitsu at the dojo in Meyers. His favorite toys include his motorcycles, mountian bike, and skis. He loves to hike, but after his two knee surgeries (and, now my two knee surgeries!), we've decided magnets are the best way to keep healthy and keep on the trails. You can email me to learn more about Health Magnets, to buy magnets or far infrared products, or contact me to find out if you qualify for discounts or wholesale pricing!

Llinks are on my doorway site:

My wonderful daughter got married on July 18, 1998. Jennifer Ann Hall lives in Marysville, Washington with her husband, Mark. Their first baby was born on July 11, 2000! Camryn Rose Hall is an exceptionally bright and beautiful child. As my first (and so far only) granddaughter, she is my pride and joy and I love the visits and the spoiling. Her first web page is at Her brother, Alexander Jared (AJ) was born January 21, 2006. Together, they are a wonderful way to make me "GrandMama".

Cheyenne and Gabe conspire for treats Since I'm in business for myself and work exclusively out of my home office, I can devote my spare time to riding Gabe and now, Bandit, and exploring the back country of the High Sierra surrounding my home in Tahoe. I am a member of the El Dorado County Sheriff's Department Search and Rescue Horse Team Unit (in summer) and a member of the Nordic team (in winter).

My husband, my horse, and my dog (Cheyenne; pictured here) are my best friends. Exploring the country around here and watching the seasons change is a full-time job! *Update: Cheyenne passed on June 29, 2008, please read her tribute here: *

Now, my mom's dog, Stella is our companion!

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